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Buy Tirumala TMT Steel ISI Fe 500 Grade Online at the Lowest / Wholesale price from the Authorized Dealers in Bangalore.

Tirumala Steel is one of the leading Iron & Steel manufacturers in Karnataka, produces quality TMT Steel that has the best strength with better mildness, better corrosion resistance, better bond strength with cement. Get the best rates for Tirumala TMT Fe 500 Grade steel in Bangalore, at Hindustan Steel Suppliers.

High quality billets are reinforced to form Tirumala TMT Steel bars at our state of the art, fully automated plant using the latest European technology under the close supervision of our world-class metallurgists & engineers. Tirumala steel is produced in various grades and sections to cater to needs of infrastructure & construction industry. Every single steel bar of Tirumala is committed to supreme quality and everlasting strength.


Technology – We have the latest technology from Germany in our plant to make these Steel bars. At our facility we use the most sophisticated machinery available to mankind to manufacture the highest of quality material. From the Notch cutting CNCs to total PLC control, from where the billet leaves the furnace and when it is Sheared and Packed by Electronically controlled Bundle making machines.

Raw Material – As you know Sulphur & Phosphorus are two such impurities, which determine the quality of the Steel Rebars and its long-term life, we use only the finest and the most metallurgically controlled Steel Billet to make Tirumala Steel bars.

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