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Quick Buy - A Quick, Easy and Faster Initiative for Shopping All MS Square Rod. 

Quick Buy is for Quickly Buy All High Quality M S Square Rod in One Single Option.

It's Simple :

Select Size -> Method -> Quantity = Add To Cart

M S Square Rods are Always Ready in our Stock at Hindustan Steel Suppliers Outlet, Hence it Guarantee the Fastest Delivery, Lowest Price and Excellent Support.

Estimate Weight :

  • 9 MM - 3.5 KGs
  • 10 MM - 4.5 KGs
  • 11 MM - 5.5 KGs
  • 12 MM - 6.0 KGs

Square Rod is widely used in construction of bridges, buildings, industrial sheds and structures etc. They are also used in manufacturing of automotive vehicles, ships; also used as guide rails for material handling equipments and as support bars. Round Bars are used for various applications like hardware, petrochemical, construction, electric, boiler burning equipment, surgical equipment, food, water heating equipment, boat, power mill, etc.


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