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Somani Gold Plus | X Ribs TMT Steel Bars | FE 550 GRADE | SOMANI GOLD + THE PREMIUM QUALITY X RIBS TMT | X DESIGN TMT | 550 GRADE TMT | Hindustan Steel Suppliers

SOMANI GOLD + is Introducing New X - Ribs TMT Bars and FE 550 Grade.

Somani Gold Plus is  X - Ribs TMT Bars Has Better Bonding and Increase its Strength.

Somani Gold Plus is Fe 550 Grade Which Dramatically Improve its Strength When Compared to Fe 500 Grade

SOMANI GOLD is an Premium Quality TMT Steel Manufactured with
• Advanced Technology,
• Finest Raw Material,
• Expert Professional to Deliver the Best TMT Steel Bars in The Industry.

Somani Gold Premium Quality TMT Steel

Apart from the formation of bars to precise tolerances, the critical process is the thermo-mechanical-treatment defining the final characteristics as regards molecular structure and mechanical properties. Somani Gold Steel TMT bars are formed in very precise conditions to create the right temperature gradient that form the martensite structure on the outside and a flexible fine-grained pearlite core.

Extreme care in selection of raw materials, an automated mill to form the rebars followed by precisely controlled quenching and tempering process define quality of TMT bars. Our mastery in the latter process ensures TMT bars with the right characteristics of about 30% hardened peripheral areas with a ductile core that makes it ideal for construction.

Somani Steel TMT bars meet industry standards and specifications as regards fatigue strength, creep resistance, weldability, bendability, crack resistance and tensile as well as compressive strength. Stronger and with better mechanical properties than similar bars, Somani Steel TMT reduce usage of Steel by 20% while assuring higher strength to structures for a longer period, proving to be cost effective.



Grade : Fe 550

8 MM 46 - 47 KGs
10 MM 48 - 50 KGs
12 MM 51 - 52 KGs
16 MM 55 - 56 KGs
20 MM 45 - 46 KGs
25 MM  58 - 60 KGs





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