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Plastic Rolls for Moulding Mat. These Plastic Rolls are Used with Moulding Mat on top of Shuttering Sheets. Plastic Rolls are Double in Size Which Reduces the Time to Apply it.

By Using these Plastic Roll. It Helps to Retain & Reduces the Wastage of Concrete Mix.

You Can Spray Water To Apply the Plastic Rolls instead of using Engine Oil, This Cost Less Than Engine oil.

Plastic Rolls Also Helps in Easy Removal of Moulding Mat, Hence Reduces Time & Money.

Benefits :

  • Less Cost
  • Reduces Time
  • Help To Reduce Wastage
  • Cheaper than Oil
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Removal
  • Faster & Easy Process
  • Less Labor Work
  • and Many More...

Instructions :

  • After Fixing the Shuttering Sheets, Use Brown Tape to Seal the gaps between the Sheets.
  • Spray Little Water on top of the Sheets. ( Water Helps to Easily Fix the Sheets )
  • Start Applying the Plastic Rolls on the Shuttering Sheets
  • After Covering the Moulding Site.
  • Using Moulding Mat on top of the Plastic Rolls.
  • After Completion, Now you Can Start to Use TMT Steel Work
  • Use Cover Block, Which Helps to Flow the Concrete Mix Under the Steel Work.

Important Note :

Moulding Mat are not Available for Delivery, Please Collect It From Hindustan Steel Suppliers Outlet.