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Buy OM SAI TMT Steel ISI Fe 500 Grade Online at the Lowest / Wholesale price from the Authorised Dealers in Bangalore.

OM SAI TMT is Manufactured by Sunvik Steels & Now Om Sai Steel is one of the leading Iron & Steel manufacturers in Karnataka, produces quality TMT Steel that has the best strength with better mildness, better corrosion resistance, better bond strength with cement. Get the best rates for Omsai  TMT Fe 500 Grade steel in Bangalore, at Hindustan Steel Suppliers.

OM Sai TMT Steel
Om sai provides steel that are thermochemically which provides great strength to the construction. Om sai thereby provides ductility, resistance to the natural Calamities. Om sai provides high quality steel rods with less price. Om sai always reposed trust and faith from customers. Om sai maintains its quality through out the life.

OM SAI is also a eco friendly. OM SAI has high tensile strength and corrosion power which helps the construction to lasts for longer. OM SAI maintained its fame since the time of establishment.

- Used for mostly CNC router.
- Hard rod high straightness stable.
- Resits abrasion and corrosion.


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