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L G Electrodes is a Medium Coated Rutile Type All Position General Purpose Mild Steel Electrodes. It Gives a quite and stable arc steady fusion rate, Least spatter and smooth weld bead. Easy Removal of slag and excellent weld quality Facilitate Multipass welding. Suitable for welding Ship Hulls, Tanks and Vessels, Steel Frames, Steel Furniture, Steel Structure, Truck Bodies etc...

Size : 3.15 x 350 MMQuantity : 90 Pcs

Coding :

  • IS:814 - E307412
  • AWS - E6013
  • ISO - E423R21
  • BS - E432R21

Current Range :

2.0 50-75
2.5 60-90
3.15 100-140
4.0 140-190
5.0 180-230


Safety Tips :

  • Always Weld in a dry area
  • ventilate Properly
  • Wear Protective Clothing
  • Do Not Weld with Gloves or wet shoes
  • Protect eyes White Clipping Slag
  • Avoid Looking at Arc with Naked Eye
  • Avoid Breathing Welding Fumes
  • Avoid Excessive Welding Current
  • Use Properly Insulated Holder
  • Earth Welding machine Correctly. Check Loose Cable Connections
  • Follow Proper Welding Procedure
  • Do Not Weld on & Near Containers Holding Combustible Materials

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