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Buy Gopala TMT Steel ISI Fe 500 Grade Online at the Lowest / Wholesale price from the Authorized Dealers in Bangalore.

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Gopala TMT Steel is one of the trusted manufacturers of Fe-500 TMT Steel in India having a network of 150 Distributors & 3000 Dealers, they produce Earthquake resistant and High thermal resistant TMT Steels. We are one of the leading dealers for Gopala TMT Steel Bars in Bangalore, get the best rates for Gopala TMT Bars at Hindustan Steel Suppliers.

Thermo mechanically treated reinforcement bars are manufactured through three stages where subsequent heating and cooling process creates a combination of micro-structural features in the cross section of the bar. This gives superior yield strength to the bar with magnificent ductility and weldability. This process is a patented technology from HSE, Germany under the brand name of “Thermex”.


  • bullet Made from best Quality Steel texture Billets from virgin process not the recycle steel 
  • bullet Extra elongation and tensile strength compared to BIS and ordinary TMT bars in market. It ensures 15% savings in steel consumption
  • bullet Very competitive in price compared to quality TMT Bars available in market
  • bullet Due to presence of high manganese and good chemical composition, it ensures higher durability and bendability 
  • bullet Due to better physical properties and equidistant well designed ribs, it ensures better grip with concrete 
  • bullet Due to its thermo mechanical treatment, through German technology based Thermex Process it is highly rust and corrosion resistant and best for humid and coastal areas 
  • bullet Due to all these features it is used in domestic construction, engineering, power railway, automotive and defense sector. It also has wide acceptability in the export market

Steel Saving with Fe 500

Gopala TMT Fe 500 Rebars are super quality special grade rebars with an increased tensile strength than Fe 415 grade. It ensures a reduction of up to 20% steel usage, the strength remaining the same. These are ideal for mega structures like flyovers, high-rises, power plants, dams, bridges, chimneys and other critical architectures. Fe 500 sizes in millimetre range from 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 22, 25, 28, 32 to 36.


  • Specially created for high strength applications where high yield strength is required without compromising on elongation properties 
  • The rib pattern is specially designed to ensure excellent bond strength between the bars and surrounding concrete
  • Due to presence of high manganese and good chemical composition, it ensures higher durability and bendability 
  • As it ensures upto 20% of steel usage, it’s more economic than other Fe 415 or other TMTs

Why we are superior :

Bend ability : Gopala Thermex TMT Bars exhibit very high bend ability due to low carbon content and high bend ability due to lower carbon content and higher elongation. They can withstand bending and rebending with initial diameters of 1D and 4D respectively, where D= Diameter of Bar.It is easier to work with these bendability.

Rust and Corrosion Resistant:

The main reason for failure in any reinforcement concrete structure is due to corrosion of the Tor Steel in the concrete ,where these steel corrode in exsistance of chloride ions.SEL Thermex TMT Bar due to its Thermo mechanical Treatment are very highly rust and corrosion resistant and is best suited in the humid and coastal states like West Bengal and Orissa

Cost Saving:

Gopals Thermex TMT Bars are very cost effective and saves steel upto 20% being technical superior and having higher tensile strength than other TMT Bars.


Gopala Thremex TMT Bars are much superior to conventional Tor steel by virtue to their various engineering properties and can be used for Residential building,Bridges,Dams,Industrial Establishments and all types of concrete reinforcement purposes.

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