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Somani Gold TMT | Hindustan Steel Suppliers

TMT STEEL BARS - Quick Buy is a Fast, Easy and Convenient Way of Buying of All Branded TMT Steel at Lowest Price. 

Quick Buy is for Quicky Buy All your Branded TMT Steel in One Single Option.

Select Size -> Method -> Quantity = Add To Cart


This TMT Steel is Ready in our Stock at Hindustan Steel Suppliers Outlet, Hence it Guarantee the Fastest Delivery, Lowest Price and Excellent Support.

Today's TMT Steel Brand Available :

TMT Steel Weight Chart :

 Diameter No of Rods Weight
8 MM 10 Rods 46 KGs
10 MM  7 Rods 50 KGs
12 MM  5 Rods 52 KGs
16 MM 3 Rods 55 KGs
20 MM 2 Rods 60 KGs
25 MM 1 Rods 46 KGs


Important Note: These Amount is Calculated With Estimate Weight After Weighment in Our Scale and We Provide 100% Accurate Weighment Always Guarantee. Original Bill will Be Made After Weightment with Total Amount. Any Difference in Amount will Be Refunded if Paid in Advance.


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