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Buy Ramco Super Grade PPC Cement Online at the Lowest Price From Authorized Dealers in Bangalore. 

Ramco Cement is The best Cement Manufacturer in India for 51 Years providing the Best Quality in terms of

  • Fineness - Reduction in fineness of Cement will Lead to Low Initial Strength of Concrete.
  • Initial Setting Time - Lesser the initial setting time, More Difficult it is to use the Cement Paste.
  • Final Setting Time - Longer the final Setting time, the Construction will take Extended Time to Complete.
  • Soundness - Change in volume after setting of Cement causes cracks, under Expansion and as a Result leads to Disintegration of Concrete.
  • Comprehensive Strength - Low Compressive Strength Will reduce the Load Bearing Capacity of the Structure.
  • Drying Shrinkage - Increase in dying Shrinkage May Lead to Cracks in Concrete.
  • Magnesia - Increase in Magnesia Content in Cement Will Lead to Cracks.

In Short it High in Strength PLUS Durable

GreenPro Certification CII

Green Products Services Council has Certified and Qualified
RAMCO Super Grade as Green Products for its Eco- Friendly Production Standards.


  • Ramco Super Grade PPC Cement 
  • Ramco 43 Grade OPC Cement 
  • Ramco 53 Grade OPC Cement 
  • Ramco Karthik Super Plus PPC Cement


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