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PPC - Portland Pozzolana Cement is Manufactured by Intergrinding High Quality Clinker, Fly ash and Gypsum. PPC Cement Provides Durable Eco Friendly Construction.


  • Low Heat of Hydration
  • Reduced Leaching Due to Free Lime in Clinker Being Utilized in Reaction with Pozzolana
  • Increased Bulk Volume
  • Impermeable and Denser Concrete.
  • Improved Corrosion Resistance.
  • Increased Ultimate Strength.
  • Increased Durability.
  • Increased Resistance to Chloride Sulphate and Alkali Aggregate Reaction.
  • For the Benefit of Customers.


  • It Can Be Used For Almost All the Construtions Where OPC is Used
  • Heavy Duty Structure Like flyovers,  Dams, Aqueducts and Marine Structures.
  • Subsoil Structure and Structures in Hostile Soils with High Salinity Moisture and harmful Chemical Agents.
  • For Producing Fibre Cement roofing sheets and allied Cement Products
  • All Types of mortars for Construction Masonry,  Plaster, Paving and Tile Fixing.