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SAINIK 710 is the latest offering from CenturyPly in the economy segment that promises to deliver ‘Unbeatable performance at an Unbelievable price’. Stronger than ever,

New Sainik 710 is marine grade plywood that is boiling water proof.

The product is manufactured using selected eco-friendly timber and bonded with BWP grade resin. CenturyPly's patented Glue Line Internal Protection makes it Borer Termite Proof from the inside and ACC treatment provides protection from outside.

Strengthened with high quality modified PF resin, Sainik 710 is designed to withstand the vagaries of weather as well as provide ample protection against borers and termites.

With a 5 year warranty and a competitive value for money price, you never have to worry about your furniture or your budget.

Go ahead and buy Sainik 710 today instead of other unreliable brands as Sainik 710 is always ready for any challenge; weather or moisture, termite or borer – SAINIK 710 Hamesha Tayyar

Features :

  • Manufactured using selected eco-friendly timber
  • High resistance to all climatic conditions
  • Bonded with BWP grade modified PF resin
  • Glue Line Protection and ACC treatment

Specification :

  • Manufactured in accordance to IS:710
  • Boiling Water Proof Grade plywood and Block-board
  • Borer and Termite proof with 5 year warranty


  • Length and Width : 8 Feet x 4 Feet, 7 Feet x 4 Feet
  • Thickness : 6 MM, 9 MM, 12 MM, 16 MM, 19 MM.



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