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Buy KCP OPC 53 Grade Cement Online at the Lowest Price from the Authorised Dealers in Bangalore.

KCP Ordinary Portland Cement OPC 53 Grade Cement

We have been delivering high-quality cement to prestigious and large infrastructural projects including leading infrastructure developers, private companies and major cement manufacturers who source our products as they stands out in strength & efficiency.

Why KCP Cement ?
Proven record for over 60+ years as one of the India’s oldest producer of High Grade Cement.
Various Landmarks project in India like Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, Sri Sailam Dam and Prakasam Barrage, Godavari Railroad Bridge in Andhra Pradesh.
Manufactured by ISO 9000 quality certified plants to National & International Quality standards
Primarily used in building foundations structures like Columns, Beams, Slab and other concrete structures and hence popularly called Concrete Cement.


Recommended Materials Brought with Cement :


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