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Price Lock - TMT Steel Price Lock

Buy TMT Steel Bars at per your Convenience & Worried-Free about Price Changes.

Hindustan Steel Suppliers Provides Price Lock Facility to our Customers. Pay the amount of your Estimated Requirement in Advance to Lock the Price and you Can get your Materials Delivered anytime at your Convenience.

For Example : if you pay the amount and Lock the Price for 38000 Rupees. Even if the Market Value Increase to 40000 Rupees, you Need not worry because you will charge with the locked Price that is 38000 and you received the Benefit of extra 2000 rupees per kg. if the price decreases then you will be charged at the locked prices that is 38000 itself.

You will Receive the Benefit Plus the Convenience of ordering with us

You Can Easily Confirm your TMT Steel Requirements, Its Simple Call Us : 9845191128 and our Expertise will Support you.



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