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  • Vijay hoti

    20 mm 20 square pipe Kg rate

  • SR Engineer Work

    Hi please give me Quotation
    25X25x5 mm-2 Ton
    50×50×6 mm / 3 Ton
    (65×65×6 mm 2 Ton
    Ms plate
    IS2062 GR A,
    6mm.4’.8’:2 Ton
    Ms pipe
    40od ,2.5 mm -100 no’s-1400 kg
    25 od ,2 mm -50 no’s-350 kg

    SR Engineering Work Wadi

  • R.Lakshmanan

    IS spec Structural steem

    1in X 5MM – 306M
    2IN X 6MM —48M

    Require the price send by eMail

  • R.Lakshmanan

    I reqire the price of IS standard SP6-1
    In x 5mm thick angle

  • Bhairo singh

    Wholesale price

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