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Moulding Mat Wholesaler in Bangalore

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Moulding Mat Wholesaler in Bangalore

Hindustan Steel Suppliers is a Direct Wholesaler of Moulding Mat ( Bamboo Mat, Korai Mat, Centering Mat, Mat For Moulding, Mat for Construction ) 

We Directly Purchase for Mat manufacturers or Factory in Bulk Quantity Hence Provide you the Best Price in Whole Bangalore.





    Dear friends Best Quality concrete mat own manufacturing sales available. Call 9025551510 , 8667408652.
    Best Quality/ Best price

  • Kubendiran

    Hi friends we are manufacturing concrete moulding mat in my company (RESHEGESAN MAT INDUSTRIES) if you want holesale rate please contact me -8637415022 & 9626220883

  • Tamilselvan m

    Hi dear, we’re own manufacturing for moulding mat & sleeping mat, If you want Wholesale rate please contact me 9487884167

  • Sami

    Iam selling cocreat korai mat any holesale buyers contact me 8270666992

  • Arul

    For moulding concrete mat contact 8778756853 ,

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