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How many TMT steel bars will i get in one bundle - TMT FAQ

TMT Steel Weight and Number of Rods Depends on Each Diameters. There are as Follows:

 Diameter No of Rods Apox Weight
8 MM 10 Rods 46 Kgs
10 MM 7 Rods 50 Kgs
12 MM 5 Rods 52 Kgs
16 MM 3 Rods 56 Kgs
20 MM 2 Rods 60 Kgs
25 MM 1 Rods 46 Kgs


These Weight are Approximated, Weightment Will Be Done at Hindustan Steel Suppliers Thus Gives 100% Correct Weightment Guaranteed Forever, That's our Promise.

You Can Also Check and Verify in Any Scale or weighbridge.

You Can Easily use TMT Steel Bars Weight Calculator

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