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Centering Mat, Grass Mat, Hocking, Moulding Mat -



Hocking means doing small small hits for concrete pillars /roof, so that pillar or roof surface will become rough.
If surface is rough with little up and downs, cement will get attached to concrete surface.
  • While doing hocking for concrete surface meastri has to hit a concrete roof/pillar for every  1.5/2 inches.
  • Perform this activity immediately after removing sheet centering /pillar boxes. At this time concrete will be wet and soft. Other wise after few days concrete will become hard and workers need to put more effort to perform this activity.

Moulding Mat

Moulding Mat are Being Used on top of Centering Sheets to get Rough Surface on the Roof & Pillar.







  • jidirocetub – Osetam Ohedehg

  • asipekoziuhe – Emujome Ahefqen

  • hetwacuvogu – Ahkeico Uzagomo

  • iduireopufak – Aboisihij Oqexeg

  • ubilixsiw – Oweoxio Iropinu

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