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Cement Roofing Sheet Installation Guide - Ramco Sheets

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Cement Roofing Sheet Installation Guide - Ramco Sheets

For Best result from Ramco Roofing Material, The Following point Should Be Borne in Mind

  • Roof Plan :
    • The Roof Plan Should be Simple with Very Few Hips and Valleys. Projections Must Be Avoided as it is Very Difficult to Ensure Watertightness at Their Junctions with the Roof.
  • Roof Pitch :
    • The Roof Pitch must be Maintained at More than 18°. If the Pitch is Less than 18°, Provision Should be made for increasing the End Laps and /or Sealing the Joints Suitably.
  • Purlins :
    • It Should Be Ensured That Purlins are On a Single Plane and Parallel to One Another. Tightening the Fixing Bolts to Seat Sheets on Purlins Which are not in the Same Plane, will Cause the Sheets to Crack.
    • it Must Be Ensured That the Space Between Purlins does not Exceed 1400 MM for Roofing and 1700 MM for Side Cladding While Using 6 mm thick Sheets. Ridge Purlins should be at a Distance of 75 MM to 115 MM from the Apex of the Roof. It Should be Ensured that the Free Overhang at the eaves does not Exceed 300 MM from the Lowesr Edge of the Sheet to Bolt Hole.
    • The Immediate Vicinity of Chimney, Ventilators and Other Uptakes should be Reinforced with Additional Trimmers. These will Take the Stress of Excessive Traffic in These Areas. Where Smaller Length Sheets have Also to be used on a Roof to Make up the Roof Slope, It is Advisable to Arrange the Closer Purlin Spacing at the Eaves Rather than at the Ridge. if the Pitch of the Roof is Less than 18°, The Purlin Should be Positioned More towards the Apex than Towards the Center of the End Lap.



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Ramco Cement Roofing Sheet - Size Dimension Data

Ramco Sheets Sizes




    12mtr rate

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    Sir. I am construction house wedth 23 and length 41 feet please guide me howmany Ramco cement sheet required and approximate cost reqguired

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