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Cement Roofing Sheet Fixing Instructions

Ramco Cement Roofing Sheets Fixing Instructions :

Holes for inserting Fitting / Fixing Accessories must be Drilled and Never Punched. The Holes be 2MM Greater in Diameter than that of the Screw or bolt used.

Hook or crack bolts and coach screws should be 8 MM or more in Diameter. It is Essential that the Nuts of the Hook / Crank Bolts or Heads of Coach Screws Should Bear on galvanized Iron Flat washer which in turns is Bedded on Bitumen washer. The Screw or Bolt should be Tightened only sufficiently to Ensure Snugfit of the Bitumen washer over the bolt hole so that natural movement in sub-structure of the roof will not Damage the sheeting.

It is Essential that Bolt Holes are Rendered Watertight by use of Ramco Bitumen washers along with G.I Flat washers.

Ridges may as Far as Possible be Fixed to the Ridge Purlin By The Same Bolts which Secure the Sheeting "J" (Hook) Bolts are Used fore MS Angle Purlins for Timber Purlins Rolled Steel Joists, Channel Purlins and Pre-Cast Concrete Purlins, Crank Bolts are Used.

Square Head Coach Screws of Minimum Length of 115 MM May be Used for Timber Purlins. The Length of " J " Bolt or Crank Bolt Required Can be Calculated by adding 75 MM to the Depth of the Purlins For Single Sheet Fixing and 90 MM To the Depth of the Purlins where two Sheets Overlap or Where Ridges or Other Accessories are to Be Fixed with the Sheet.

Other A.C Roofing Sheet Accessories such as Barge, Boards, Eaves Filler Pieces and Apron Pieces can be Secured Either to The Structure or by Seam Bolts to the Sheeting.

A Cracked Sheet Cannot be Repaired and Should not be used on the Roof. Such Sheets can, However  be Salvaged to Smaller Lengths.

RAMCO AC Corrugated Sheets are Usually Laid from Left to Right Starting at the Eaves ( see Diagram c ). the First sheet is laid uncut, but the remaining sheets in the bottom row should have the top left-hand corners cut or "Mitred". the Sheets in the Second and other intermediate rows should have the bottom right-hand corner of the first sheets cut; all other sheets except the last sheet should have both the bottom right-hand and top Left-Hand Corners cut. The Last or Top row Sheets Should have the Bottom Right-Hand Corner cut with the Exception of the Last Sheet which should be laid uncut. if the Sheets are Laid From Right to Left, The Whole Procedure should be Reversed.





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  • Hazrat

    Cement sheet dealership

  • Hazrat

    Cement sheet dealership

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