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Blue Metal Roofing Sheets Sizes

Blue Metal Sheet, Metal Sheet, Pre Painted Sheet -

Blue Metal Roofing Sheets Sizes

Pre Painted Metal Sheets offer a unique blend of advantages – the strength of steel, enhanced corrosion resistance and the aesthetic appeal of paint.

The base metal has the first layer of primer coating on both, top and bottom surface for superior adhesion with the paint system. The final paint coating provides additional protection to withstand harsh weather conditions and other factors affecting longer life. The superior coating technology resists cracking and peeling even during heavy forming operations.

Width : Standard 1 Meter ( 3 Feet ) 

Length :



  • Imthiyaz Ahmed

    I want
    20ft 20 nos
    16ft 10 nos
    12ft 50 nos

  • Shariff

    I want 15 sheets, size 8 feet
    Call on 9845149052

  • Mahendra

    My contract 9399742490
    18 fit 3 nos

  • Mahendra

    I want 18 fit 3 nos

  • Paresh m b

    For factory roof size of fact.71×200sft.

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