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Benefits of Concrete Cover Blocks

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Benefits of Concrete Cover Blocks

The Benefits or Features of Concrete Cover Blocks :

  • Rock Solid Strength : Made Under Strict Quality, Comprehensive Strength Not Less Than 60 Mpa. Hence No Deformation in Heat, Cold or under Weight, Subjected Before and during Concreting.
  • Precision : Cast in Presition Dies. Ensure Accurate Dimensions, Well under Prescribed Tolerances.
  • Easy Identification : Sizes of Covering Blocks / Spacer is Embossed on Every Piece. Hence Chances of error are Eliminated. This Feature is Missing in Extruded Cement Spacers.
  • Fire Resistance : Made from High Quality Concrete, Which is Non Combustible. Provides Excellent Fire Resistance as Required in IS
  • Excellent Compatibility : Concrete to Concrete Bond is Perfect. No hair Cracks Develope Between the Spacer and Surrounding Concrete.
  • Excellent Quality : These Blocks are One of the Best Quality.
  • Low Permeability : Tests on our Spacers Indicate Low Water and Chloride Ion Penetration.

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