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43 Grade Cement

43 Grade Cement

  • General Civil Engineering Construction Work
  • All RCC works where grade of Concrete is M20 and Above
  • Pre Cast items such as Blocks, Tiles, Pipes, Manholes etc.
  • For Concrete & Non Structural works such as Plastering, Flooring and Masonry Works Like Bricks works , Blocks Works , wall Building Etc.


      • In Compliance with ISI Standard.
      • Suitable for all Types of Construction works.
      • Preferable for M20 & above Grades of Concrete.
      • High Comprehensive Strength.
      • Less Micro Cracking.


          • General Civil Engineering Construction work
          • RCC works Preferably For M20 & above Grade Concrete
          • Pre cast items such as Blocks, Tiles, Pipes , Manholes etc..
          • For Concrete and Non Structural works Such as Plastering, Flooring and Masonry works like Brick work, Blocks works etc...

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          Cedres S, Assaf JD, Iranzo P, et al. Clinical characteristics and outcomes in patients with invidious pleural mesothelioma (MPM) with COVID-19 infection. Presented at: 2021 Matchless Talk on Lung Cancer; September 8-14, 20

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